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The United League of Ascending Powers

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As the mighty eagle ascends to the heavens, we rise to the heights of excellence, we persevere to the end, and we stand up tall to our enemies.

I am (RickCall12 aka Rick Colemen) going to be reforming the coalition. This does not mean you'll be kicked out or anything. But, I am going to be making this coalition more inclined to democracy and elections, freedom and rights. As my first new act, I'll be forming a 'council system' where we'll decide on new bills and orders for the coalition and deciding if anything new should be added or replaced with. I'll be doing this by asking all current leaders to demote themselves to member and I'll be demoting all officers to member as well. You CAN get your officer rank back with an election which I'll be sorting out by the Summer holidays. I'll also be tampering with the forums and adding new threads and stuff for my new acts. So, goodbye for now. General Rick Colemen.


-Isaiah 40:31

---------------------------------------------- THESE ARE THEIR STORIES -------------------------------------------------------

Eagle Emperor's story: A great war strategy game enthusiast, Eagle Emperor discovered Afterwind one day. As the game developed and he gained more experience, he resolved to start a coalition based on the qualities of honor and loyalty, which he valued. After saving up his SP for a while, he finally had enough, and he founded the great and mighty United League of Ascending Powers! Fugitivebush, and TAL, some of his best friends on Afterwind, were the first two members to join U.L.A.P.

Fugitivebush's story: Fugitivebush began playing Afterwind while the game was still in it's early stages. Although he was not dominant at first, he played anyways for his love of geography and strategy games. He met Eagle Emperor in a game one day, and the two soon became eternal allies, always helping each other defeat their enemies! He was the one who initially discussed starting a coalition with Eagle Emperor, and was one of the first members of U.L.A.P. He is also credited with helping Eagle Emperor think of the coalition name (United League of Ascending Powers).

RickCall12's story: RickCall12 has had experience playing with several current U.L.A.P. members. "Since the extinction of 3/4 of man, they have been going downhill, I, General Rick Colemen, has stood up, to re-make man kind. Europe, Asia, N America, S America, and other places, well be in my empire, it won't be easy, with other generals planning the same, I have to act fast, my revolt could end, start or even fall, but it well always act against the advancing army". - General Rick Colemen.

6batboy's story: U.L.A.P. welcomes our 16th member! 6batboy applied recently and was accepted! "I'm glad to have been apart of this alliance since pretty much the beginning. I'll miss everyone and hope to see you all around!"
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