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16.11.2020 in Landlords
Written by b2spirit, 15.11.2020 at 23:00

>be me
>wake up to the sound of Billie Eillish playing on $300 speakers in my apartment, triggered by the alarm on my $1200 iPhone
>groom with my $20 a month Dollar Shave Club kit, and $40 Dr. Squatch soap set
>Head over to the Starbucks down the street to get my $23.94 soy latte and $12 avocado toast
>Drive to work in my $60000 Tesla as I listen to NPR talk about how right wingers are driving this country into the ground
>Arrive to my job at Huffpost, where I run their twitter and instagram accounts
>Break for lunch, head over to WholeFoods cafe and get a 400 calories salad for only $63
>Spend rest of the day shopping on Amazon and complaining on Reddit how my $245300 college education of Gender Studies, Ethics, and Intersectional Islam should be paid by the government
>Head over to LA Fitness, where I do some stretches, curl 25lbs in each hand, and jog at 5 mph for 30 minutes. I paid $100 initiation, 50$ annually, and 30$ monthly for this gym
>Go home and call friends over for Gender Fluid Slam poetry
>They all leave, and I realize someone spilled alcohol on my $500 futuristic white leather chair
>Take my Yeezys off and put them in my $9000 streetwear sneaker collection
>Throw on a cotton Turkish bathrobe which costed me $250 and hop into an essentail oil bath ($300 per month to sustain the hobby) as I listen to soundscapes on Pzizz which is $10 a month
>Get out of the bath, relaxed, ready to go to bed. Get under my $50 Italian covers and as I'm falling asleep, I remember that rent of $3200 is due in a week and I have no way to pay it
>tfw I realize landlords are oppressing the people, who must rise up against this crooked system

^^ so true. This describes almost every person I know in silicon valley.
Written by jimmynow, 15.11.2020 at 19:40

When is someday? Is that something you have planned?

Lol someday means someday. When I say I'm planning to do something that means its on my to-do list and won't be forgotten. If you want a specific date, I have no idea when I'll actually get to it. atWar is not the only thing I have to deal with, you know
Written by jimmynow, 15.11.2020 at 18:36

Written by Dave, 15.11.2020 at 18:31

Written by jimmynow, 15.11.2020 at 18:27

Why not use the game start on hold feature? That's already there and seems like the code would play nice woth that feature. It would be on the host to come back and release the game for play but seems like a developer could make that work.

I already tried that. The code is a shit show and it just doesn't work.

Sounds like you're giving up?

Not giving up. Its just there's no point wasting so much time trying to fix it with the existing code. We would be better off throwing it out and rewriting from scratch... which is what I plan to do someday.
Written by jimmynow, 15.11.2020 at 18:27

Why not use the game start on hold feature? That's already there and seems like the code would play nice woth that feature. It would be on the host to come back and release the game for play but seems like a developer could make that work.

I already tried that. The code is a shit show and it just doesn't work.
1) Which map are you talking about?
2) You've omitted the "Steps to reproduce the behavior" , which is the most important info I need. Assume I'm starting from a new, blank map... tell me exactly the steps I need to do to reproduce the same issue.
Written by alc16, 15.11.2020 at 17:47

I did it

No, that post is in "Maps/Scenarios - bugs" forum. That's where you post to get help from other map makers. I'm not a map maker, I do not read that forum.

If you have something you want me to look at, you need to post it in the Bugs forum like I just said: Be sure to read the "how to post bugs" post at the top of the forum so you know the required format.
Written by alc16, 15.11.2020 at 16:53

Before promoting, fix bugs!

If you have encountered some bug, report it in the Bugs Forum
Written by Atomkrieg, 15.11.2020 at 03:01

Ok Dave no offense just trying to bring attention to the issue. As far as the players, we are for sure less important.

Well casual players are not any less important to me. Especially since I'm one of them
Written by Atomkrieg, 14.11.2020 at 08:04

I'm surprised thedog didn't know this but from my experience with him he seems like a good guy. The real blame is on atwar for not fixing these problems after the posts have built up over the years. The casual room should get the same attention, they are paying customers of your business. Also map makers keep us in mind and move t0 events to t1 please.

I, Dave, the owner of atWar -- I'm primarily a casual player myself. So why would you imply the casual room is somehow less important?

Yes I'm aware of the requests for some "t0" feature. The code left to me by my predecessors is so tangled up I haven't the foggiest idea how to make something like that actually work. On the other hand, the rule about hosts not expanding t1 seems to be pretty well known and followed already. So its not that urgent a problem in the grand scheme of things. But apart from that, anything the casual community needs I always support.
Written by b2spirit, 14.11.2020 at 01:50

I'd like to purchase 5 tickets sir.
I have the necessary funds
How do I pay?

To buy your tickets, go here ==> atWar Lottery
Written by ITSGG1122, 14.11.2020 at 01:22

Written by Dave, 14.11.2020 at 01:18

If you were interested in investing you never said anything about it, so that's a convenient claim to make now.

Look back your forum topic. I did comment it.

Lol, you want to win on a technicality, okay fine here you go:

Written by ITSGG1122, 05.05.2020 at 07:53

Is there a way of crowdfunding?
Since, i am interested but i am not likely to invest something like 10k.

That was your comment, I had to go look it up because I had no memory of it. One comment asking about crowdfunding, not a serious indication of interest if you can't even put up as small an amount as 10K.

To be more clear, I should have said we never had any conversation about investing, which is certainly true. So my point remains that its convenient for you to claim interest now in something you were obviously never serious about before. Nice try though
I wish I could share @Lord Aragorn's optimism, but sadly it seems nobody else on my side of the aisle has the stomach to fight this. As usual, Republicans appear (to my eyes) to be rolling over and capitulating. At this point I expect President Trump will win some token victory in court but still lose the election (although I'd love to be wrong about that), and then you all who are not from California and don't already know her will get to see how bad Kamala Harris really is for the next 4 years.
Written by ITSGG1122, 13.11.2020 at 22:47

I dont care bud. A retards opinion means shit to me. Now stop quoting me and go play with yourself.

Written by ITSGG1122, 14.11.2020 at 00:51

Written by Dave, 14.11.2020 at 00:49

Remind me, why Gigi isn't banned already?

And on a side note. To ever think i was genuinely interested into investing in your business when you were asking if people were interested last year. God thank i did not pursue that.

If you were interested in investing you never said anything about it, so that's a convenient claim to make now. But in any case, the last thing I'd want is having to deal with a business partner who, when he's losing an argument, resorts to calling his opponent a "retard"... or who seems utterly incapable of letting anyone else have the last word, ever. Dodged a bullet there.

Also my post about why you're not banned yet was a joke, but that went way over your head apparently.
14.11.2020 in Toxic
Written by b2spirit, 14.11.2020 at 00:20

u ought to know that globalist government will most definetly re pass net neutrality, which is a cozy name for "we control the internet", which the corporations are actually in on.
might wanna purge atwar of all right wing stuff, bc they will be able to shut down any website they want to if Biden stays.

Sadly that does not seem far fetched at all. Considering the stuff that's said here in the forums, I'm surprised nobody has come for us already. But don't worry, if and when it happens I'll move atWar to Switzerland, or whatever country I can find that still values free speech. I will not bow to the political correctness mob.
Remind me, why Gigi isn't banned already?
13.11.2020 in AW Community Calendar
Written by Caternius Lucius, 13.11.2020 at 15:30

The New Devs added in game ads, these greedy fat cats are trying to milk us for every dollar, this is why the game is dead- this is why my return from hiatus was cut short- this game is shit, inactive community- this game is about to become pay to win and im not fw that

I guess by "new devs" you mean me, since I'm the only dev here. I'm so greedy that I added daily login bonuses for everybody, and earning protocoins for every game. Also it was my greed that led me to make promo'd maps available for non-premium users to play (and we officially promote at least one new map each month for variety). But you're right I did put the in-game ads for non-premiums, so obviously I'm trying to milk atWar for every dollar... it couldn't possibly have anything to do with paying expenses to make sure atWar keeps running, or to pay for advertising, because things like our Kings and Generals promo were totally cheap and easy to do.
12.11.2020 in Toxic
The future of society is doomed
Written by Agel, 11.11.2020 at 08:59

Written by Doctress Daisy, 25.08.2020 at 10:06

First convince admins to add 40 players to map editor.

Note: we are waiting for several months for that 1 line of code.

Thank you.

I mean had ever clovis added neutral events? Something scen mapmakers had been asking since day 1

Yes, neutral events were added.
11.11.2020 in Is Bleed Bugs
Written by Froyer, 11.11.2020 at 04:01

Dave: bleed hacked
Bleed: No I didn't, I have proof I can show you
Dave: Yes you hacked, I have proof but I won't show you

I think Dave forgot to use his brain.
If he can prove he didn't hack and it's just a mistake maybe on battlescreen it happen sometimes, I think mods and Dave should see his proof. We aren't perfect mistakes happen .
Plus for someone who hates communism Dave does a lot of "communist" things.

Goulag for Bleed I guess

I'm not showing our proof because in past cases when we showed the evidence, it only helped the abusers to change their tactics and become harder to detect. I'm tired of playing cat and mouse with these people. So I'm actually using my brain by NOT sharing the proof this time

Anyway we've been suspicious of Bleed for months... I think the fact that we waited this long to make sure we had solid evidence is proof enough that we take bans seriously. If this were communism we would have just "disappeared" his account 2 months ago.
11.11.2020 in Is Bleed Bugs
Written by BleedAppeal, 11.11.2020 at 03:02

All my videos are going to disprove what Dave is saying, that time will come soon anyway and you will see for yourselves. If he doesn't completely remove my ban then this is dictatorship and favoritism at its finest

You can cherry-pick videos from random games all you want, its meaningless. We know exactly which games you hacked in, and we know how. There is no doubt whatsoever.
1) You didn't follow the correct appeal format

2) We 100% know you hacked. We know exactly what you did, and how you did it. Just stop now before you embarrass yourself any further.

The user Bleed has been caught using hacks in games. We have definite proof of this. We will not be sharing this proof publicly to prevent abusers from learning from it. But I am satisfied that the proof is 100% correct. We also know Bleed is an alt of an already banned player, but that's a different subject of discussion.

When he was a member of Cynical he used these hacks to improperly win CWs. (He also used them in other games.) The improperly won CWs and Duels have been removed. Cynical clan is hereby disqualified from winning any trophy this season.
Written by Croat, 07.11.2020 at 19:28

Written by Dave, 07.11.2020 at 18:23

people who are card-carrying members of the Communist Party USA (AOC),

Don't want to seem as maniac, but I would bang her that hard that it would immediately swap her braincells to the most hardcore conservative. Just give me 1 night with her and I'll make America great again

Written by ITSGG1122, 07.11.2020 at 18:09

In my country (netherlands) we have the following political parties:
SP (socialistic party) 10% votes > democratic socialism
GL (GreenLeft) 10% votes > environmentalism
PVDA (Workers party) 8% votes > social democracy
CDA (Christian democratic party) 15% votes > Christian democracy
PVV (Party for freedom) 15% votes > nationalism
D66 (democrats) 15% votes > liberal progressive
VVD (liberals) 21% votes > conservative liberalism

Liberal in europe = right wing in USA
social in europe = left wing in USA

In no fucking country in Europe a government would ever say u are not allowed to go to church. There is a thing called freedom of religion. Which is not ideology based. In Netherlands a lot of things are allowed, you can say, do, work, buy, as you please. The country is even a tax haven. But as you can see most parties here are socialistic based. This has got to do with social democracy and the German wirtschaftswunder. This is based on the idea that you have a capitalism in USA and communism in USSR. The germans made their own model and thats social democracy. This model is now used as an example for the whole world, from Asia to Americas, to Africa. The EU is based on this model as well.
From my understanding, the left in USA always use these social democracies such as Denmark/ Sweden/ Norway as an example of how a country should be run. Travel to these countries or read about them and you will notice there is no such thing as communism.
A social democratic state means that the government is responsible for things that the market cannot provide/ will lead to failure. This is called market failure. Examples are, health care, education, water control (dykes), air pollution. These are all examples whereas if u let the market do its own thing, it will result in unwanted effects.

In many European cities, you cannot drive with a gas car into the centre, because of environment rules etc. In other cases, such as Florence/ venice, you cannot drive with a car to the city. In Amsterdam, many motor vehicles older than X year cannot drive into the city. The government isnt doing this to control you. The government is doing this to control the negative effects of certain markets. Too many cars = pollution = traffic jam, furthermore cars have the effect to damage buildings. In Europe, especially southern Europe, you have old buildings.

To sum up. Communism = bad , Socialism to a certain degree , such as social democracy is good, because you will prevent market failures.
Education: Western europe > USA
Health care: Western europe > USA
Infrastructure: Western europe > USA
Environmental/ waterprotection : Western europe > USA (remember Katrina)
Work environment: Western europe > USA ( germany average workweek 26 hours per week , USA 34 hours per week)
Poverty rates: USA higher poverty rates than western europe: USA 17.8%, denmark 5.8%, Netherlands 8.8%.
Incarnation rate: dont even get me started on this one
Homocide rates: USA having 5x as many
Gun related violence: dont get me started on this one.

I think you or anyone should get my point.
In historical terms, the governments main job is to provide security, aka it has a contract with its civilian. Nowadays, because of our complex societies, the government is much more than that. And because of market failures, there has to be socialism in place. Even the USA did always have forms of socialism in its governments. Was it not Bush who put forward TARP to bailout banks? (form of socialism)

Do not make the mistake to put all forms of socialism as communism or totalitarism. North Korea is a totalitarian state. China is a pseudo- communistic one party- state.

A pure capitalistic system just like Adam Smiths view does not work. Just like communism does not work. Markets will fail. There is no incentive to help the elderly, the sick, the weak, the helpless, the poor.

American socialism != European socialism. In America socialism is a code word for communism. Our country is now in the control of people who honeymooned in the USSR (Bernie Sanders), people who are card-carrying members of the Communist Party USA (AOC), etc. Antifa, BLM, all those anarchist groups are on their side. They hate America and want to destroy it so they can create their communist utopia.

Biden is moderate compared to these people, but nobody believes he will actually be in control. I doubt he will even remain alive for very long. Then it will be Comrade Kamala, and communist dictatorship. You may think its silly but I'm being deadly serious... Kamala has been a politician in my home state for a long time and I've seen what a ruthless bitch she is. She is a very dictatorial person already. People who voted for Biden because you think he's less bad than Trump... congratulations, you just handed the country over to Kamala in probably no more than 1 year's time.
Written by RaulPB, 07.11.2020 at 15:19

I think you're confusing "socialism" with "fascism", "totalitarianism", "dictatorship". Going all the way to confuse China's strange kinda-communist military dictatorship with "socialism" is kinda akward.

Socialism is just the economic mentality, not the decision taking machinery behind it. Idk if I should even look up the dictionary definition for you at this point. Anyway, don't worry, USA is still really really far away from such economic policy.

They call themselves "socialists" here to sound softer, but they are not the same as European socialists like you are thinking of. They are really communists, if you want an accurate definition. I'm just using the term socialist because that's how they describe themselves here.
They are fucked up European-style dates. So 3/11/2020 is really November 3. I need to fix the dates in atWar so they are displayed normally (I.e. it should be 11/3/2020)
Written by Pera, 07.11.2020 at 12:40

What the fuck? Another civil war in the United States would have hundreds of thousands of casualties, why would you even want that? You keep saying this election is a fraud, but where is the evidence? Not even the Trump administration came up with any!

"Alleging that its poll watchers were not being allowed to properly observe the vote count, as previously granted, the Trump campaign filed a federal lawsuit Thursday evening intending to stop the Philadelphia vote count. A judge ultimately denied this request."

"The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit along with the Georgia Republican Party Wednesday in Chatham County seeking to order the county to compile, store and account for all ballots received after the state's deadline of 7 p.m. on Election Day. Chatham County Judge James Bass dismissed the suit during a hearing on Thursday morning, citing a lack of evidence that the ballots referenced in the petition were received after the deadline.

"On Friday, Judge Cynthia Stephens issued her formal order denying the Trump campaign's request to halt counting in Wayne County, which includes Detroit, specifically citing the lack of evidence and detail provided by the campaign."

"On Thursday, the Trump campaign announced it was filing a lawsuit in federal court in Clark County over voter fraud. The lawsuit, filed later that day by Nevada GOP groups, alleged that "lax procedures for authenticating mail-in ballots over 3,000 instances of ineligible individuals casting ballots." A Nevada district court judge denied the emergency request Friday afternoon. Judge James Gordon said he didn't think the plaintiffs came to the court with "sufficient evidence" to get what is required of the "extraordinary relief of an injunction" that would get him to "dictate how Clark County should do their job.""

"A judge in Michigan Thursday afternoon said she would deny a plea from the Trump campaign to stop the processing and counting of absentee ballots in the state, mainly citing the fact that the counting is already largely done. The lawsuit is trying to stop the vote count based on allegations that the campaign was not given adequate access to observe the vote-counting process. It is also seeking access to review any ballots that have already been opened which they were unable to witness. Michigan law requires absentee ballot processing be a bipartisan process. The judge also took issue with the evidence presented by the campaign, arguing that the affidavit upon which the suit was based, was "at best" hearsay."

It's almost like a simple Google search can prove you wrong?
Source- (

And before you say "hurr durr this is a left leaning news site, biased" it's literally all facts and quotes straight from the campaigns and judges. Here's the same story from Fox, a right leaning site:
( ;

Earlier in this forum, you posted a picture showing how Michigan gained 130,000 votes overnight while Trump gained 0. That is false.

Here are three different news stories debunking that-
( ; ;

If Trump's family's claims of voter fraud are true, they are doing a terrible job at proving it. Biden has won the 2020 election by 4 million voters, and a complete count of 74 million Americans. As said by a republican on the conservative reddit forum, "I hope that he succeeds, because I hope our country succeeds."

Are you kidding? There is plenty of evidence of vote fraud all around us. The left (I.e. the mainstream media and their "fact checkers" ) reflexively say there is "no evidence" as if it were gospel. They are fucking blind. I'll give just a few examples, but there are many more if you care to look.

1) Antrim County in Michigan found a software glitch with the voting machines that incorrectly gave 6000 Trump votes to Biden. This same software is used by many other counties and in other states... many of the numbers we're seeing around the country could be wrong:

2) Republican observers blocked at polling places, and kept out from observing the counting. I haven't heard of a single case of Democrat observers being denied access... only Republican ones. This is supposed to be an open and transparent process... so what are they trying to hide?
One of the first-hand witnesses spoke at the press conference here:

3) In Michigan they are altering ballots, backdating late ballots so they can still be counted. Could this be what they were hiding in Pennsylvania?

(an anecdotal story here -- my father-in-law works for the post office. A woman came into the post office the day after election day, asking to have a ballot postmarked with the previous day's date. He refused to do it, and she left, but I wonder how many other postal workers are as honest...)

4) Here's a confession of someone who knows about ballot fraud because they did it, a lot of it:

5) ...or how about these guys, caught on video:
(full story here:

I could go on, but suffice to say there is plenty of evidence out there, except many refuse to see it.

You mentioned several lawsuits being thrown out by local judges, but that's irrelevant since 1) they are probably democrat judges, and 2) this is very likely going up to the Supreme Court very soon, and its just a formality that the Trump campaign has to start at the local level... it will move up the chain very quickly and its only the Supreme Court that will matter. 3) Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito already ordered Pennsylvania to separate the late ballots, so clearly they are preparing for the case to arrive.

ALSO: a "simple google search" will not find you many of these things. I had to use Bing and DuckDuckGo just now to find these links. Google is actively scrubbing their search results in favor of Biden. When I tried just now searching for these stories I'd heard about recently, Google would give only anti-Trump, left-leaning stories, or random bullshit.
Written by RaulPB, 07.11.2020 at 12:20

I somewhat don't see the conflict between socialism and freedom... call me stupid but those two words are far from irreconcilable... and there's more than enough examples for it. I'm starting to believe that USA thinks of socialism as some kind of dictatorship where instead of gasing jews, whites would be tortured to death.

Believing that a civil war is the answer to every little step is kinda worrisome but hey, at least Europe will have something to watch while having pop corn.

Socialism is slavery to the state. I don't want a government that dictates every detail of how I live my life. I don't want a government that says "hell yes we're taking your guns". I don't want a government that won't let me go to church but says marijuana shops are "essential". I don't want a government that's gonna take even more of the money I earn and make it impossible to survive as a business owner.
I don't want a government that says I can't drive my car "because of climate change". I don't want to live in a communist surveillance state, like China, where people are assigned "social credit" scores and are disappeared if they speak out. Biden voters don't seem to realize they just pissed away the country to a guy who thinks China is great, and to the political left who think places like Cuba and Venezuela are the models for what the US should be. If that's not enough reasons to fight for freedom, I don't know what is.
Written by Acquiesce, 07.11.2020 at 08:00

Written by Dave, 06.11.2020 at 19:58

We need to DO something about this!

The thing is: most of the GOP would be happy to have Trump out of the picture. They don't like that they can't control him and they consider him a loose cannon. While Trump has overwhelming support from the rank-and-file, GOP leadership allied with him in 2016 purely out of convenience. Now they'll gladly knife him while he's vulnerable. If you think about it, a Biden presidency with GOP senate and courts is their wet dream. Bipartisan austerity & foreign wars. Plus, both parties can avoid accountability by whining about gridlock.

Sadly you're exactly right about this.
Written by Agel, 07.11.2020 at 11:11

So you suggest to start a civil war as the confederates did when Lincoln won the elections in 1860?

We need another civil war.

The first one was about freedom vs slavery. Freedom won. The next one will be about freedom vs socialism.

If war comes, I will fight for the side of freedom anytime, anywhere.

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