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19.12.2018 - 13:03
 Dave (Admin)
All bug reports from this date (2018-12-19) forward, must follow the following format, or they will be closed.

Don't post ideas/suggestions in this thread. There is a place for that.

Instructions (START):
The purpose of this template is to standardize bug reports and ensure the necessary information to track it down is provided. Bug reports need to be in this format if you want them to be taken seriously. Thank you.

Copy & paste the following template (below "Instructions (END)") , and fill out each section to describe your reason for opening a bug report.

Then OPEN A NEW THREAD with the information. (Don't PM me, don't add it to an existing thread from 10 years ago, etc...)
Instructions (END):

Bug Report
Expected behavior
When I do X, I expect Y to happen.

Actual behavior
When I do X, Z happens.

Steps to reproduce the behavior
etc, etc


Browser version:


Any other relevant information:

Please attach any screenshots or videos that help explain your issue.
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