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Original post

Posted by Croat, 09.02.2020 - 23:32

Hello lads,
after almost 4 years, the largest atWar's tournament is back!

When 2 crazy heads connect, it has to be something special. Your lovely boss Dave and myself decided to host The Punisher 2.0!
The Punisher 1.0 was the largest atWar's tournament ever held, by number of participants and award pool.
It had 128 participants and award of more than 11 000 ProtoCoins.

You can check the details of whole The Punisher 1.0 tournament at this link --->

In that name, I can say The Punisher 2.0 has started and it will be even more huuge with awards and prizes! SIGN UP below, in a comment.

ProtoCoins (current amount): 36 600 + in tournament bank:

• Total ProtoCoins amount will be splitted between 1st - 3th placed players at the end of tournament.
• Everything will be transparent by Croat and regulated by Dave

• Unique trophy for 1st placed players
• Donator trophy for players who help tournament with their ProtoCoins donations

• 1v1 (fixed)
• Europe+ (fixed)
• Extra cities (fixed)
• 10k (fixed)
• No rares (fixed)
• 4 minutes (changeble)

Would players play east or west or combined, depends on their own deal. If they can't make a deal, then it will be decided by the player who gets first pick in a match, which is given randomly by game and they play either west, either east.

• Strategy Desert Storm is BANNED in this tournament if players play on east (Ukraine)
• Poland is allowed only in combined matches when both players agree on to choose whatever they want. If there is no deal by both sides on that, then players have to pick either basic west (UK, Ger, Fra, Spa, Ita), either basic east (Ukr, Turk)
• No wallfucks 1st turn
• No attacking on opponents land 1st turn (for those with damaged brain: you mustn't put your units at your opponent's land in 1st turn)
• No wallglitching, rewalling or serbwalling
• No insults and childish argues, it will result by removing both players from tournament

• Every finished game has to be prooved by SS
• Players who dont realize their duel in several days - will be banned by Dave!
.... Just kidding, they will be kicked from tournament and their opponent will be marked as winner of their duel and proceed in next stage
• If you have any doubts or reports, take screenshot and send it to me so we can find a solution or punishment

You can check standings below or on this link also:

Here is the list of people who have donated ProtoCoins for the award of this tournament and who will recieve a Donation trophy for supporting the tourney (100+ PCs for trophy):

Dave - 10 000 PCs !!!
JT. - 10 000 PCs !!!
Columna Durruti - 2000 PCs !
Sid - 1337 PCs
PleaseMe - 1001 PCs
Sascha - 1000 PCs
• Supporter group - 1000 PCs
BlueDNA - 1000 PCs
josipjefaca - 1000 PCs
Kord - 1000 PCs
Karlo13 - 550 PCs
Taz Youlkepoye - 500 PCs
llThe_Witnessll - 400 PCs
Octuam - 400 PCs
LarrytheLooter - 400 PCs
j-e-s-u-s - 380 PCs
Adam the king - 376 PCs
Froyer - 303 PCs
4nic - 303 PCs
Apocalypse - 200 PCs
Eph - 200 PCs
MrPhobos142 - 188 PCs
SHMYP8OS - 150 PCs
Night God - 150 PCs
Puchao. - 150 PCs
Lion Sin Escanor - 136 PCs
Bella Ciao - 130 PCs
Croat - 126 PCs
puddinator - 101 PCs
Sean Spicer - 101 PCs
clovis1122 - 100 PCs
woojoo - 100 PCs
Same - 100 PCs
Superhero - 100 PCs
Your Monkey - 100 PCs
Leon Trotski - 100 PCs
GabrieleSimonelli - 100 PCs
HyPerCube. - 100 PCs
T3mpest - 100 PCs
AIois - 100 PCs
Tchetnik - 100 PCs
Tig - 100 PCs
KaiserDeutsch - 90 PC
Top 1 - 65 PCs
Mr Tyler - 63 PCs
Stryko - 57 PCs
The_Empirezz - 57 PCs
Zoe - 50 PCs
Estus - 40 PCs
SirDgbyChknCsr - 40 PCs
DiyartheGerman - 39 PCs
KarlXIV - 35 PCs
Alockway - 30 PCs
Tungston - 30 PCs
guest6006 - 12 PCs
Dominoz.- 10 PCs
King Acidus - 10 PCs
Echoo - 5 PCs

About tournament idea and hosting:
Tournament instigator: Dave and Croat
Tournament maker: Dave and Croat
Tournament main host: Croat
Tournament help hosts: Dave,
Trophy founder: Croat
Donation trophy founder: Alois and Croat
Helped in advertising: Abraham, AIois

Good luck to everyone, let's do this again!
31.03.2020 - 03:51
Can we play gambling on our final contestant ?
31.03.2020 - 10:31
 Croat (Mod)

It's decided.

The finals between Cold Case and Chess will be played:

SATURDAY , April 4
22:00 (10pm) GMT+1

It's basically atWar's peak time; but here is a small tool for everyone that are not in European (or GMT+1) time zone --->

Make your own bets!
Can't be a better way to earn more than one third of your bet or even double it, depends who is your favorite to win the Punisher tournament.
Note: Odds were done according to the poll results

[odd: 2.000] Cold Case vs. Chess [odd: 1.375]

Check all the latest updates for the Punisher tournament where Dave and myself provided you a betting system and everyone can participate

Just click on this link ---->

See you on Saturday night; till then decide who is your favourite and place your bets!
Every winning bet will be paid, same as every lost bet will be lost. Good luck and enjoy

Player of the year 2015

04.04.2020 - 21:09
 Croat (Mod)

Cold Case vs. Chess

Short commentary:
Cold Case - Turkey
Chess - Ukraine
A match worth the finals.
Chess had advantage at the beggining, killed Cold Case's general stack, it all looked finished too early, but Cold Case has given 100% of himself, did a brutal comeback and won The Punisher title!
Video incoming. It will tell more than any words


G.R.O.M vs. Croat

Short commentary:

First match:
G.R.O.M - Turkey
Croat - Ukraine
Croat gets disconneced and loses a full turn. G.R.O.M offers a rematch.

Croat - UK
G.R.O.M - Germany

Grom fails on Paris turn 2, since then until the match finish at turn 10, it seemed like all luck gone away from G.R.O.M;
Croat wins the rematch.

Afterall, Croat surrendered to G.R.O.M.
Thanks for offering a rematch, I respect it and I don't want anyone to feel damaged, since I was slightly losing the first one.


More details about whole tournament, finals and everything tomorrow!

Player of the year 2015


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