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16.05.2020 - 01:42
This isn't really a serious one but it was an interesting thought I had that I wanted to put out, if only for discussion purposes cause obviously it'll never happen.

Strategies don't change values anymore but rather add new playable units to that army that might reflect some of those changes in the new units.

Iron Fist currently adds +HP but slows everything down.
New Iron Fist would add heavy tanks and heavy infantry. They're slower, sure, but you still have your normal selection to choose from so you're not screwed when dealing with a "faster" player.

Blitz currently speeds everything up, bonus attack if I recall too.
New Blitz would add light tanks, they're faster but lower HP or maybe lower attack. As well as mechanized Infantry or perhaps dive bombers to complement them. Mechanized/motorized infantry are again faster, probably at cost. Dive bombers as a possible alternate idea would be a slower bomber but maybe higher crit vs collateral effect.

Map makers like working in new units and one of the biggest issues they tend to have is dealing with strategies that don't work for their maps. Changing to a system like this would not only solve that but also give them more units to create for those strategies.

A short list of example units:
Artillery - it shows up already in some custom maps, in various forms of how it acts.
Anti-Tank Gun - I'm sure it'd be effective def unit.
Paratrooper - Probably a stealth air unit, maybe throw into something like MoS or Sky Menace.
Fighter/Intercepter - Another unit that sometimes pops in custom games, I tend to see it as something similar to AA Gun from the upgrade units you can buy with SP but an air counterpart.
16.05.2020 - 01:50
A Lion does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep
16.05.2020 - 07:08
 Black Vortex (Mod)
"Map makers like working in new units and one of the biggest issues they tend to have is dealing with strategies that don't work for their maps. Changing to a system like this would not only solve that but also give them more units to create for those strategies."

This is not really an issue anymore because of the update almost a year ago where you can give any unit any unit value while still labeling it as a specific unit type. The problem of strategies not working in maps was due to the fact that you had to keep relying on "Unit: other" types but now unit types have unlimited stats so you can potentially have high stats and still label a unit as Ground: main defense and utilize PD as a strat still. Most old maps still have that problem because the makers aren't around to update the unit types but you can still update the unit types and change them from "Unit: other" in silverlight maps (I've tested it, unlimited stats is not limited to html5 alone, silverlight maps work as well).
16.05.2020 - 09:08
It would be ideal if mapmakers had the option to create custom strategies for their maps with custom buffs and nerfs to units. Even further, if specific strategy tailored units unlock based on the strategy a player selected for that map. I believe this is vaguely what you are describing, but it would be better if it was all in the hands of mapmakers for their own individual maps rather than the standard in atwar

This feature would be balanced as mapmakers themselves will create the balance necessary to make all strategies viable enough, and if a mapmaker rather not go trough this process they can just enable the standard strategies.
If it's still in your mind, it's worth taking the risk.
16.05.2020 - 16:57
In regards to the last two posts. I'm a map maker. I've tried really really hard to make maps that apply to a more vanilla version of the game and I keep hitting road blocks. The last big one was the air/ground units getting pulled into a def battle where over 200 units immediately died once the 18 air units lost because it considered the rest "transported", even though they weren't. I completely scrapped almost all of the air units on the map after that! So not only is any naval commander scraped as a strat, no naval units no big deal no one really uses it. But that also scrapes sky menace and a few that have related air unit bonuses like desert storm or maybe master of stealth if you were looking in a specific direction with that strat.

So in my opinion, standard strategies don't work. Some feel very OP while others fall a bit flat in terms of their overall usefulness. I'm not saying my solution is perfect, just that I like the idea of bonus units showing up and how they can change the dynamic of a game. I feel like they'd be balanced better that way than replacing whole stat blocks across the board haphazardly. Again, I know none of this will ever come to pass. The game has to many breaks in it that they can't fix yet, let alone to consider doing something radical like changing up how all the strats work to the shock and horror of the community.