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Posted by Ivan., 01.04.2021 - 11:54
I here by Announce the very first

Rank Limit:
Min Rank r6
Max Rank r10
Players who will be forbidden from this Tournament:
1: Epix
2: Doctress Daisy
3: Antox
4: woojo

1: Players will be randomly selected where they will play random map with random allies, it can also be 1v1 map.
2: Teams will be assigned random side.
3: Each Player will have his own winning and loosing point for example if player X wins a game he will gain 2 points and if he looses he gains -1 point.
4: Player with high points will qualify for next rounds.
5: Atwar Discord Server will be used for this tournament where your all Problems, help will be resolved in case if no one is online.
6: Players can also enjoy voice channel during team game.
7: Teams / Players will be able to hire coach for them who can help them for their tourney game and request them to help them live via discord voice channel.
8: you guys will be informed about your map before 2 days of the game exceptional case 1 week, it's up to you how you use 2 days.
9: Date and Time will be announced for you guys, if you are not comfortable please contact me so I can mutually decide the time and date for match.

Coaching System :
Teams / Players will be able to hire coach for them who can help them for their tourney game and request them to help them live via discord voice channel.
Players/ Team can post request here for coach if they are not able to find 1 for them.
winner player Coach will get Rewards in the end also.

Map Type:
Map will be selected randomly on players count.
Maps for example will include : Phyrus, Aetius, Nedris and so on.


1: No wallfuck.
2: No Serb Walling.
3: No Rewalling.
4: No wall Glitching.
5: No Glitching Units.
6: No map abusing.
7: if any player leaves game before t 10-15 game will be cancelled and report to the Judges, special case if X team was winning game by 75% lead depending on map, SP and current Situation Judges will then decide wether team should be granted win or not.
8: Any alt player noticed during tourney game will be disqualified and all matches attached to that player will be rearrange.
9: If X player goes offline in any turn game has to be moved to casual by proposing 48hour turn immediatly, after he comes online players will be able to resume game. in special case if he does not come back in 48 hours rule 7 will be applied or remake will be organise.
10: If any player fails to present on his Game day he straight looses his game, ( Tournament has to be ended quickly).
11: No sea wall with land units
12: Any player who fails to show up for a match on a given time/ day looses straight point unless he notifies in advance his problem.

How to Hire Coach :

1: Before Starting of tourney every player will be pm to choose Coach and hire him for yourself.
2: 2 days will be given for this activity.
3: Once you hire coach for yourself you type here your name and your confirmed coach name.
4: You Guys won't be allowed to change Coach after starting of tourney.
5: If Coach decides to break the contract with you, you will be able to hire coach from Reserve section if happens to be there are none in Reserve section I will hire you random coach.
6: If you want to play without coach you are free to do so.
7: Once you hired the Coach just edit your comment and write the Coach name.

Rewards :
Trophies will be given to top 3 players
PC rewards will be given to top 3 Players.
Donator Trophy will be given on donations above 499PC
Donations are Accepted and Current Prize pool is expected to Exceed.
Trophy for Coach also.

Current Prize Pool = 5000PC

Donators :
1: Mesopotamia 400PC
2: DireWarlord 200PC
3: MrPhobos 154 PC
4: The_Empirezz 88 PC
5: Agel 600 PC
6: Sean Spicer 500 PC

Participants :
1: Killoker
2: Wolverine X
3: Mobster
4: Novelsky
5: Thehazardcat
6: lbonek
7: DeXXX.
8: Metyu
9: 1122
10: Khauman
11: Bosnjak9
12: DarkLord Hanabi
13: Lt. Poopypants
14: Phoenix
15: NegtheEskimo
16: TimtheNoob
17: Isoruku Yamamoto
18: PowerLord

Reserve :

1: Any participant who wish to leave the tourney at certain point will be replaced by Reserve players and all of his points will be transfer to Reserve player.
2: Rule 1 is only applicable if the actual participant did not reached to the finals / Semifinals.

Map for FINAL :


Important Information :

Players competing for first 3 place here are some important information you need to know:
1: Finalist are free to choose their team comprising of 9 players.
2: Finalist + Finalist coach + Position third player + Position third Player coach + 3 + 2 Reserves.
3: Players can only compete if their coach is playing with them if somehow can not player coach has to choose substitute coach from the team.
4: Coaches can not choose same substitute coach in same game.
5: Participants must have to play major role in the map for example participants can play nation : Council of Thirteen , Fey, Chaos, Boris, Leoun, Beastmen.
6: Finalist Coach has to play 1v1 game any map you like to choose which Side you guys are going for every game.
7: Best of 3 game to decide the winner.
Each win in this stage game carries 5 point
Each loss gives -5 point

Positions :

Hanabi vs Killoker for first place
Mobster vs Ibonek for third place

Date and Time :
Game 1 : 6/13/21 - 6:30 PM CET
Game 2 : 6/27/21 - 6:30 PM CET
Game 3 : 7/10/2021

Game Result :
Hanabi + Ibonek vs Mobster + Killoker.

Game 1 : Hnabi + Ibonek Victory
Game 2: Killoker + Mobster Victory
Game 3: Killoker + Mobster Victory
12.07.2021 - 13:52
PC's have been donated from all inactive accounts.
14.07.2021 - 03:56
All trophies delivered to winners

15.07.2021 - 00:10
Where the betting money at??
29.07.2021 - 13:13
 Mobster (Mod)
Everything is done but where is the protocoin awards D

gj and thank you Ivan for the tournament btw

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