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26.02.2022 - 02:00
 Sascha (Mod)
Bug Report
Expected behavior:
joining a casual duel turn 1 therefore when the original host already picked a country. After the duel is over the winner should be given elo.

Actual behavior:
No elo will be given to the winner

Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Player 1 creates a casual starts it, picks a country and puts start off hold
2. Player 2 joins the game turn 1
3. play 1-2 turns
4. Player 2 leaves the game

the result will be that the winner won't gain any elo

I should mention if player 2 joins right away (turn 0) then everything works fine as expected.

Browser: Firefox
Browser version: 97.0.1 (64-bit)
OS: Win10 x64

Any other relevant information:

1 example

in this case spartans300 didn't gain any elo

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