Lately we haven't had much time to properly browse the forums and reply to people, so we decided to deal with all the lingering questions in one topic. As the title says, feel free to ask anything, including non game related stuff.

Regarding the "when will this be implemented?" questions - we've halted the development of the current version and are fully concentrated on the HTML5 version. With our limited resources it will never be released otherwise.

Regading the "when will the HTML5 version be released?" - the truth is, we don't know. There's much still left to be done and it's gonna be months before even alpha is released.


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25.01.2014 - 05:49
Written by Ivan, 25.01.2014 at 02:02

Written by Tik-Tok, 24.01.2014 at 15:09

Any word on the ability to increase or decrease Default unit HP for custom map maker?

Also. If you remember our conversation long ago. I asked you how to create a unit which can defend and wipe out all units except one. I sort of worked out a method. The only problem is that defence bonuses aren't high enough. Could you make Defence bonuses go up to a 999?

Here in the US section and the German section of my WWII Focus map.

I created a unit which can kill all other units with its high bonus defense but will die to one specific unit. The only problem is that Def bonus only goes up to 100 so 30 tanks can kill it. With 999+Def bonus. It would be almost invincible and I could theoretically allow players to buy cities, cash, new units, tech. I could create a map like Age of Empires where players could upgrade their territories and research a new age.

Imagine being able to buy more production, revenue and new units? I can do that if you boost the def bonus for both - and +.

This sounds very interesting, and I wish I could help with it. The reason we restrict stat variation is to avoid critically unbalanced maps. It is already an issue currently, but imagine what would happen if we allowed a wider range of numbers in stats? As for HP, Amok insists that altering it is unnecessary and same results can be achieved with altering attack and defence. I don't quite agree with it, but I can see how introducing variable HP will create a lot of confusion for players, as battle mechanics will become much more complicated.

But what we can do in the new version is perhaps give access to all this additional variation to the map creators we trust. Then it won't be abused quite as much

As extreme as +999Def bonus sounds. It's not different from 10 units with +99Def bonus if people want to exploit while my unit vs unit system wouldn't work with 10 units with +99def. I don't think exploitation is a big issue becuase people will find a way and usually get caught. Plus there isn't much of an incentive for SP. Trusted mapmakers is a good idea.
25.01.2014 - 07:51
 Ivan (Admin)
OK guys, thanks for the questions and sorry if we skipped any - hold on to them until the next time. It's been three days now and I think we'll take a break, but we'll try to organize some kind of player-dev communication regularly. Cheers!

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