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atWar is influenced by Risk, Axis & Allies and Civilization. The simplicity of Risk was a starting point for designing atWar, but what should one expect the similarities and difference to be? As with Risk and A&A the basic concept of atWar is world domination; conquer countries to expand your empire, bringing more income and reinforcements.

Key differences:

atWar and Risk, the map.

An important feature that differentiates atWar from Risk is the use of hundreds of cities within actual countries and provinces (rather than regions) based on the real world. Current population and GDP statistics are used to determine the reinforcements and income a player gets from each city owned. A player must own the capital of a country to get full benefit of all the cities within that country. With Risk one can only own a region.

A typical turn based strategy war game with a difference.

There are certain advancements on the typical online strategy game that atWar achieves. Most notably is the elimination of the 'movement grid'. Unlike Risk or A&A, where regions dictate troop movement, atWar uses individual unit range to determine how far a unit can move, thus creating a unique strategy experience.

atWar units versus the Risk units.

Risk has 1 type of unit, which can move one region. atWar has 14 land, naval and air Units - each with different characteristics - that can move anywhere on the Map... naturally, land units can't go on water without a transport. Some troops are for defence and some for attack, there are even stealth units that are hard for the enemy to detect. At the start of each game one can choose a strategy which changes the characteristics of different units. For instance, Relentless Attack makes your Tanks (offensive unit) stronger but your Infantry (defensive unit) weaker and Sky Menace makes your air units stronger at the expense of land units. Click to see the full table of atWar units.

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