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Posted by brianwl, 30.11.2019 - 15:54
Official Clan War Rules

Updated 4/18/2020

No turn 1 wall blocking any wall inside an opponent starting territory.

Disconnecting problems is not an automatic tie, and the winning clan has discretion.
--> Please record your game if wanting to claim connection issues. If you have a strong expansion, it will be evidenced in your recording.
--> If the winning clan suspects you are falsifying the recording, they do not have to accept.

No 'ghosting' or playing on an account that is not exclusively yours, as it violates atWar rules.

No 1v1 CW's, there will be a minimum of 3* unique players in each game.

Honor Code

No walling on enemy territory turn one

No serbwalling or rewalling.

Coalitions part of the Honor Code:
The Immortals
Keep Cool
Mortal Kombat
Peaky Blinders
Synergy (formerly Ghost Division)
Order of the Emperor

Breaking any of the Clan War Rules (including Honor Code) can result in an investigation by the Moderators or deletion of said CW.
30.04.2020 - 06:26
Written by JUGERS2, 29.04.2020 at 20:36

Scrap this guidless nonsense. Make 5 simple official rules and every case has to be examined. That's how it was done all this years and it works well enough.
Rules should be following IMO:
1) no turn 1 wfing or if it happens it has to be respected including bigwalls. Limiting our expansions is nonsense and people always will use arguments like I was in neutral country sea etc.
2) no ghosting no matter what, only for help start in 2v2 cws but that could be fixed by making cws possible to start with 4. No 2v1 1v1 5v1 no matter what. It's a clan war has to be even players for both teams no matter settings picks or conditions. Exeptions are only scenario cws if they become available.
3)Tie if only both clans leaders/founders agree nomatter what turn it happens. Nomatter who is winning or losing this has to be agreed from both.
4) No turn 2 leaving nomatter any condition expect if clan leaders agree to tie.
5)No huarck walls team walls serbwalls rewalls etc. We voted already one for this. IF YOU PUT 3 UNITS OUT OF YOUR CITY TO WALL LEAVE THEM THERE OR IF YOU WANT TO USE THEM DON'T REPLACE THEM EVEN IF THOSE UNITS DIDN'T FORM A WALL. As for what a rewall is it's simple. If a city it's walled one turn it has to be able to be attacked by AN ANGLE THAT UNITS CAN PASS THREW. Nomatter where it is or how deep it is. As long as it exists it should be fine.

30.04.2020 - 06:35
Written by PleaseMe, 29.04.2020 at 20:27

And you're an ex moderator who was banned for months. And acquiesce was banned for 3 days which should have resulted in his demotion IMO. But that's not always the case. I don't get why there needs to be a discussion about this anymore. The evidence is clear. It just seems like a cheating clan is trying to get out of following the rules so it can go back to being a cheating clan without consequences.

Acqui should never have been punished. Clans who have actually cheated in the past have been hit with mass bans and elo resets. Note this didn't happen to Illyria. Why? Because if Illy was punished mk and whatever clan you were playing under wouldve had to be punished as well for the 1v2 cws. It's all in that wonderful video you posted. If we are a cheating clan then so are you buddy.

Acqui only got punished in his capacity as a moderator for using such methods to make a point. But we all knows he's right.

Also mecoy, if rewalling is so despicable to you then perhaps you should reconsider huarcks membership. The guy literally has rewalling named after him(huarckwall).
04.05.2020 - 21:21
 clovis1122 (Admin)
I've removed this rule as we've fixed it in the code:

No leaving early (turn 2) to avoid a loss.