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Posted by brianwl, 30.11.2019 - 15:54
Official Clan War Rules

Updated 4/18/2020

No turn 1 wall blocking any wall inside an opponent starting territory.

Disconnecting problems is not an automatic tie, and the winning clan has discretion.
--> Please record your game if wanting to claim connection issues. If you have a strong expansion, it will be evidenced in your recording.
--> If the winning clan suspects you are falsifying the recording, they do not have to accept.

No 'ghosting' or playing on an account that is not exclusively yours, as it violates atWar rules.

No 1v1 CW's, there will be a minimum of 3* unique players in each game.

Honor Code

No walling on enemy territory turn one

No serbwalling or rewalling.

Coalitions part of the Honor Code:
The Immortals
Keep Cool
Mortal Kombat
Peaky Blinders
Synergy (formerly Ghost Division)
Order of the Emperor

Breaking any of the Clan War Rules (including Honor Code) can result in an investigation by the Moderators or deletion of said CW.
04.05.2020 - 21:21
 clovis1122 (Admin)
I've removed this rule as we've fixed it in the code:

No leaving early (turn 2) to avoid a loss.
23.09.2020 - 00:59
24.09.2020 - 11:27
Written by MohammedIz, 23.09.2020 at 00:59


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