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Posted by Estus, 23.10.2020 - 09:40

"Courage is what takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." -- Winston Churchill

I am pleased to announce the start of an unprecedented event within the AtWar community: the first scenario tournament! A round of applause, please! From the heart of the battle to the command center, you will lead your nation to glory, through war, boldness and invasions. You have the power to change the balance of World War II. It's time to show your skill as the greatest military leader in the world. Will history repeat itself or will you change your course? Will you change the fate of the world to achieve victory at any cost? Choose big powers eager for victory or small nations that seek to survive.

The scenario to be used in the tournament is World War II 1939-1945 by George Bush (also known as Witch-Doctor), created in January 2019. Having more than two hundred games played, it is a masterpiece that is featured in the AtWar catalog, made with care from start to finish, over time it has found the perfect balance between historical acuity and lots of fun.

For those interested who have never heard of this scenario or have not yet had the opportunity to play it, there is a showcase made by the author himself that is available for everyone to read. The topic also contains several tips and guidelines so that no one starts the game totally bewildered, which makes reading practically mandatory, since it also points all important events. Briefly, the scenario is divided into two teams: Axis (5 factions) and Allies (7 factions). Where each faction has a unique economy, diverse units, and important cities that need to be protected or captured, playing a crucial role during the match.

Game configurations must follow the author's recommendations, that is, 5-minute turns, maximum duration of 50 turns, capture enemy capital and hold for 3 turns in order to eliminate opponents. The scenario rules (written on the Pacific) must be followed strictly. A single match can extend to a maximum of 4 hours, but knowing the scenario it probably won't take more than 2-3 hours to finish.

Obviously all registration for the tournament must be done as a team, as it is a game aimed at collaboration between its participants. Absolutely all teams must be composed of seven (07) members: 1 Captain, 4 Troopers, and 2 Conscripts. This division is necessary due to the nature of the game, which is more complex and the construction of the scenario was inspired by historical accuracy. Knowing that the two sides of the scenario are asymmetrical, and that the players' teams will be randomly assigned to Axis or Allies, it is necessary that the teams are primarily composed of seven individuals, even though occasionally two of them may be reserved for other matches.

  • Captain: The backbone of the team. It's recommended that the self-proclaimed Captain is the most experienced player.
  • Trooper: They make up the brute force of the team as regular players, able to act both in the Axis and in the Allies.
  • Conscript: Players who will be left out if their team is assigned to the Axis, but who can still perform effectively when assigned to the Allies.

Among the team players, there is no need for them to have any relationship specifically associated with clans, I emphasize that any group of seven friends can sign up. Although it is highly productive that a clan unites to participate in the tournament, considering that there is a greater synergy between them. It is worth mentioning that the same player cannot enroll in more than one team.

Copy, fill and send in this topic the form below. To avoid jokes and false applications, only the Captain may register the participating team. Applications for the tournament are open from 23th Oct. until 31st Oct.


In order to prevent sabotage, glitch abuse, use of false accounts, and to ensure that all matches are developed fairly, there will be a jury of Mods and Supporters overseeing each one of the clashes. Also to ensure that the rules of the scenario are followed, without exceptions. There is a set of rules that must be followed, if anyone violates it, all the team will be disqualified immediately and the victory awarded to the opposing team.

    1) Hate speech is not tolerated and everyone involved will be punished.
    2) All scenario rules described by the author must be followed without exception.
    3) Exploiting any bug to gain an unfair advantage in the game is not permitted.
    4) Registering an alternate account or using another player's account for the purpose of disobeying the rules or to avoid punishment of your main account is not permitted.
    5) Any attitude that may intentionally harm or sabotage your own team (a.k.a "trolling") will disqualify the guilty player and allow the stricken team to reschedule another match.
    6) Captains may ask only once for the reschedule of a match or replacement of team members, and the request must be sent at least 12 hours before the start of the game, subject to disqualification.
    7) The same team will not play more than TWO times in a row with the same faction.
    8) Players shall not wall neutral cities in order to block/hinder/secure future events.

Due to certain problems in relation to the positional balance of the scenario, the Jury reserves the right to CHOOSE a winning side if the match ends in turn 50 and automatically grants the victory to the team with the most SP. The criteria for such decision will be: remaining players, volume of units, territories under control, possibilities of expansion, amount of SP, overall performance.

All participants will be competing for the following prizes:

  • 280,000 Strategy Points, distributed equally among all the members of the winning team.
  • 2,800 ProtoCoins, distributed equally among all the members of the winning team.
  • Captain, Troopers and Conscripts will receive an exclusive trophy according to their position.
  • Special interview for the ATN.

2nd Place: THE SAILORS
  • 140,000 Strategy Points, distributed equally among all the members of the winning team.
  • 1,400 ProtoCoins, distributed equally among all the members of the winning team.
  • Special interview for the ATN.

  • 70,000 Strategy Points, distributed equally among all the members of the winning team.
  • 700 ProtoCoins, distributed equally among all the members of the winning team.

As a modest way to thank the community for participating in the tournament, all players who do not qualify for any of the top three positions will receive a symbolic reward of 3,000 Strategy Points for their effort joining this great event!

Check out the INSIGNIA rewarding system!

It is necessary for everyone to make a commitment to appear on the due date of the game, which will be scheduled in advance at an ideal time so that everyone can attend, from all players of both teams involved to the judges. Missing players cannot be replaced without prior notice (see "Jury" section). The team Captain must be in charge of talking to his partners and informing the ideal day/hour for his team to play (see "Team registration" section).

Registered teams:
  • Imperial Academy
  • Phenomenon
  • The Sailors
  • Grand Troll Brigade
  • The Washed UPs
  • Mysterious Outlaw
  • Le Kebab
14.12.2020 - 11:07
Rewards delivered. End of the tournament. Thank you all!


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